testing remoteloader for notes 3.6.1 (with applied IDM 3.6.1 Engine
Patch 2 Build 3.6.13: 'NOVELL: Downloads - IDM 3.6.1 Engine Patch 2
Build 3.6.13'

when i start the remoteloader (as a service) (via rdp) soon im
confronted with a notification titled "interactive services detection"
which informs me that "a program running on this computer is trying to
display a message". on clicking "view the message" im presented a black
windows with <dominoservername including domino-domain in slash format>:
DIRXML_REMOTE.EXE (64 Bit) in the title-bar.

after reading this:
i understand that this thing is hanging around in session0.

how can this be prevented?

thanks in advance, florian

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