I am trying to set up notifications that will alert us to adds made in
LDAP. All adds are supposed to be made in the Identity Vault, not
connected systems. When I ask the LDAP admin to add a user to test the
driver notification rule, I never see the add in the trace logs. The
adds are made by uumsuperuser. The driver authenticates as
iamsuperuser. The filter has all attributes on the publiser channel set
to reset or notify. I changed this for one test and set cn, surname and
givenname to sync. It made no difference. We are using the changelog
method. Aside from this problem, the driver works as designed. We see
modifies and deletes made in LDAP in the trace. Only the adds are
absent. Without notification of adds, we are open to Audit issues.
Users can be created with rights to applications that they should not
have. How do we get the driver to process connected system adds?

Peggy Townsend
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