It's a given that when creating a condition group for a rule, we often
base them upon the status of the operation attributes. A simple example

<if-op-attr name="Telephone Number" op="changing"/>

I've made a note that if I ever want to determine if an attribute is
being removed, that I have to combine two conditions:

<if-op-attr name="Telephone Number" op="changing"/>
<if-op-attr name="Telephone Number" op="not-available"/>

I have always found this a bit of an odd way to detect if an attribute
is being removed and was wondering if any of you with some history with
DirXML could explain why it's that way? Why not just make an operator
to handle a scenario where an attribute is being removed? Am I correct
in believing that this is a -solid- way to detect if an attribute is
being removed?

Lastly, does anyone know if there are any other operator combination
tricks for determining things that could be useful?

Thanks in advance!

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