I'm trying to send the EMail Address from eDirectory to Active
Directory. First, I configured my AD driver to send the EMail Address
attribute over to AD by setting the EMail Attribute to synchronize on
the subscriber channel filter. However, when the account synchronized
over to AD, I got a Schema Violation error on AD, due to the fact that
AD does not contain an attribute called EMail Address. Then I attempted
to specify the Active Directory name of the EMail Address attribute
(mail) in the subscriber channel filter. This did not work either, so
I set the EMail Address attribute to notify, so that I could handle it
the command transformation policy. However, the EMail Address attribute
in eDirectory is structured, containing two "components" (eMailType and
eMailAddr). There seems to be no way to access the eMailAddr component
of the EMail Address eDirectory attribute in order to set the
destination attribute (mail) for the current operation. How do you
synchronize the EMial Address attribute over to AD? Any help would be
greatly appreciated!

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