For eDirectory-to-eDirectory synchronisation we are using 2 Netware
servers with IDM 3.5.0 engine and drivers installed. We also use
Password Sync 1.0. i. e. NDS password sync NOT Universal password!

We just installed 2 OES2 servers with eDirectory 8.8.5 patch4 and IDM
engine 3.6.1 (one in each tree) and added the same replicas.

According to Novellīs documentation it seems to be a pretty easy task
to MIGRATE those eDirectory drivers:
- add new server to driver set
- change server specific information
- remove old server from driver set
- start driver

I am wondering if the above procedure is sufficient as
- we use Password Sync 1.0
- the eDirectory-to-eDirectory driver(s) use certificates to connect to
each other and those certificates are issued for the old Netware
- if it is necessary to migrate both servers simultaneously


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