Before the questions, I can confirm that if a notification is sent when
the SMTP server is down, the notification is lost. Sometime, an error
can cause the rule to fail so no update is don in IDV or application.

I know that a way of avoiding that is to manage this kind of issue at
the SMTP server level, with a cluster and a virtual IP or stuff like

But I still need some more information about NIM setup and behaviour.

First, there is only one setup in Designer, where one can setup IP/DNS,
Sender's mail and credential, in Default Notif Collection / eMail.
The same setup (AFAIK) is also available from iManager, in Identity
Manager Administration / Email / Email server Options.

So no way of setting up a secondary server.

But in iManager, there is another way to configure, in Configure / Mail
Server Config.
There one can setup primary and secondary SMTP server.

So some questions :
- Are these two options related to the same notifications ?
- If I setup a secondary server and the primary is down, does NIM send
the notification to the secondary ?

Thanks for help.


PS :
An old related mail of mine.

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