I have a JDBC driver (IDM 3.5.1) connecting to an Oracle database (10g).
The driver tries to synch data from eDir directly to a table in the
Oracle database. The driver starts fine and events are processed fine
right up to the point that it tries to actually insert the record into
the database. The <add> event fails and the driver shuts down. The log
contains the following error: "Table 'XXX.YYYYYY' is not syncable. It
must have a primary key constraint."

The table has a primary key field and there is a trigger in the table
that creates the primary key value upon insert. The trigger is
functional and working. I have configured the subscriber settings with
just about every combination of settings possible each with the same

Any clues on how this driver should be configured to support this?
- Data being synched from eDir to an Oracle table.
- Oracle table generates primary key via Oracle trigger upon row

Also, this is a one-way synch so the publisher channel is disabled.
Could that channel being disabled impact the driver's ability to
retrieve the Oracle generated primary key?

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