Just as a heads up, the released Salesforce.com driver in IDM 4, is just
a Subscriber channel driver. That is, if you want to push users into
Salesforce.com, and push their passwords.

If however, you want to try using Salesforce.com as a psuedo HR system
or the like, to get data out of it, to base user provisioning on, at
this time you are out of luck.

Should you find yourself in that circumstance, needing to get events on
the Publisher channel, you can read the series of articles I have posted
on how you might write such a driver from scratch, using DirXML Script,
no XSLT and the SOAP driver.


(Though I think part 6 is not yet published, and part 7 I hope to submit
today, almost done with it... May be a few more articles to finish up

The next version of the Salesforce.com driver will probably have
publisher channel support, but until then, this is a possible approach
if you need it. (Of course, if you REALLY need it, feel free to contact
me (or the consulting company I work for)).