Our setup:
eDir-to-eDir Driver
AD driver
Production eDir tree is authoritative.

I've been testing the update process for our IDM 3.0.1 in a lab and it's
working well but because we have very few customizations to the default
driver setup (and those customization are documented), I'm now thinking that
I could "easily" just install the drivers from scratch (ie. go through
Wizard and setup in same way as was done 5 years ago, still have screen
shots from back then). I would of course use the exact same Driver Set
names and Driver names to ensure that the DirXML Associations are still

Are there reasons why I shouldn't consider this option?

Another reason I want to do it this way is to setup Entitlements this time
but I'll be disabling them within the driver for now. This way we'd have the drivers ready
to enable entitlements when/if management wants to enable this feature.

I just don't want to waste time in the lab testing this "from scratch" approach if it's a really bad

My plan would be to get the new IDM servers running 3.6.1 and just
install/configure the drivers. Never using my old IDM 3.0.1 drivers aside
from ensuring the IDM solution is the same as far as dataflow, authority, rules & policy.