I am trying to provision users along with their passwords to AD using
the AD driver. However my object creation policy which has the rule
stating that "Veto if nspm DistributionPassword" is not available always
turns out to be true.

I have set the password policy for the users in the container from
which i am trying to provision. I have enabled the universal password
and have synched the universal password with the distribution password.

But still the driver is not able to get the nspmDistributionPassword. I
have made all the necessary changes in the driver configuration. I have
given notify for the nspmDistributionPassword in the filter too.

Kindly let me know how to address this issue.

I am using IDM 3.6.1, User App 3.7, eDirectory 8.8 SP5 all in Windows

AD Details: Windows 2003 Server.

I have configured the remote loader and the password sync agent. The
remote loader logs displays that the user is created successfully in AD.
The driver is running locally.

The user is getting created in AD, but is disabled since the password
does not match the minimum requirements.

The policy in subscriber channel of the driver, which checks if the
nspmDistributionPassword is available, and passes a default password if
its not available, is executed since the nspmDistributionPassword is not
available in the driver.


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