I am trying to set up password synchronization between IDM an Active
Directory domain with multiple DCs.

I have managed to set up password synchronization with passSync on DCs
on the same LAN as the IDM remote loader.

Some DCs are behind firewalls. The dynamic ports are blocked.
I have set up passsync on each of theses DC to use a static port:
I have set up the firewalls to let port 135, 137, 138, 139, 50103
opened in both directions.

The password still does not go from DC to the remote loader.
When I look at the firewall logs I can see that some connections going
to the remote loader from the DC are dropped. They always use the same
port. If I reboot the remote loader server, the destination port
changes. I suppose this port is used by path sync on the remote loader.
I don't see any connections using the static port 50103.

How do I set this remote loader sync port to a static one ?
Any help on this is wellcomed, I have been struggling with this for
some days.

To recap my config:
- IDM 3.5.1 on redhat 4.
- remote loader on a windows serveur 2003 member of the domain. This
server hosts the passsync on remote loader.
- passsync deployed on a DC, uses static port 50103.


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