I'm trying user mail box provisioning in Exchange 2010 using IMD 3.5.1
AD driver. Driver shim (Remote Loader) is running on a Windows 2008 R2
server and I've already applied all the specified patches for IDM, this
box is a member of the AD domain but not the domain itself. So here are
the things I did for Exchange provisioning,

1) Upgraded ADDriver.dll and copied IDMEx2010Service.exe file to remote
loader box.
2) Installed IDMEx2010Service service as an administrator.[Not as the
user AD driver using to communicate with AD and Exchange].
3) User has sufficient privileged on Exchange server to
create/update/delete mail boxes.
4) Upgraded IDM driver to add the "Exchange Assignment Rule" in
Creation Policy.
5) Added value for homeMDB in GCV.
6) Added one more rule for homeMTA attribute.
7) Added homeMTA value in GCV.

Issue I'm facing with the creation of the Exchange Mailbox. Driver is
completing all the tasks successfully, there is no error what so ever,
but I don't see homeMDB and homeMTA attribute populated in AD. In
Exchange Management console, I see Mail Contact being created but no
mail box. Can anyone help me with this. This is the first time I'm doing
it and need some experts to chime in.
I would also appreciate if someone can provide me a way to calculate
unique email address for Exchange 2010 as we do for Lotus Notes. Thanks
in advance for you help.

Environment details is given below.

IDM 3.5.1 - eDir 8.7.3 on Suse Linux 10.
Remote Loader - Windows Server 2008 R2.
Exchange 2010 Management Console installed in Remote Loader box.

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