When attempting to start the driver of Role and Resource Service I get
this error and for the driver:

[62] NMAS: Attempting to create key
[23.02.1996 22:48:30.74] NMAS: ERROR: -608 Failed to get encryption key
for CN = Role and Resource Service.CN = controladores.dc = idm.dc =
services.O = server
[19.06.2024 07:35:35.74] Auth: SPM Set Password for user [00008d54] <.
Role and Resource Service.controladores.idm.services.server.TRAGSA.>
Returned error = -1697 NMAS, fallback to NDS = true

directory: eDirectory 8.8.3
driver version: 3.7 rbpm
Platform: Windows 2003

Does anyone know what might be happening?

Thank you very much.

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