I'm an absolute n00b when it comes to IDM (well maybe not completely
ignorant), so I'm after some advice.

We have running a basic system that hasn't been updated since it was
installed in 2008, and i'd like to upgrade it to at least 3.5.1 for the

Current Setup
A physical IDVault machine (in own tree) running SLES10SP3 (I managed
to upgrade that from no SP), eDir 8.8 (no SP) and IDM3.0.1. It runs
delimited text, user application and an eDir-t0-eDir driver (to our main
There is also a second machine (VM), that's not in the ID eDir tree,
that's running SLES9, but for the life of me I can remember what it does
(or figure out what it does).
The main tree has one server (very old physical NW6.5SP8) running
IDM3.0.1 with the other side of the eDir-to-eDir driver and a GW

Where i'd like to be (or do)
In the IDTree, install two new servers (SLES11 or OES2?) in our VM
system, install eDir 8.8.5 and IDM3.5.1 then migrate the drivers to
Install IDM3.5.1 on a VM in the main tree and migrate those drivers.

Is this a bit too basic?
Do I need to update/patch the existing ID tree servers first before
Will installing eDir 8.8.5 on the new VM's cause the old server with
8.8 to stop working?
If so, what version of eDir can I upgrade to so that 3.0.1 will still
Have I confused you yet?
Can I upgrade the main tree side of the system before the IDVault side?
Or does the Vault have to be done first.

I think that's it (for the moment)

Thanks in advance

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