Hi there,

I need to implement responses to commands from JMS-enabled application
(request-reply behavior).

The end-to-end flow is this: JMS-app => requestQ => JMS-driver
(request) => Metadirectory => JMS-driver (response) => replyQ =>

Given that, I need to implement correlation of messages: JMS
application sends messages with a JMSMessageID and the driver should
reply with a message including corresponding JMSCorrelationID "echoing"
the received messaged id.

The documentation says that JMS headers are supported, but I have this
question: CorrelationID is automatically filled in reply message with
the original MessageID of the request, or it must be done
programatically somehow in the driver?

If it is not automatic, how do I implement this common JMS pattern
using the JMS driver?

Thanks in advance,

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