Situation is an AD to eDir driver. Groups are not synchronised between
AD and eDir, but I want to set a custom attribute in eDir with the Group
When group mebership changes I get a XML document as expected including
the member attrs in source dn form eg

<modify-attr attr-name="member">
<value association-ref="0be2185559217846be8812c008a8cb59"
naming="false" type="dn">CN=Bart
simpson,OU=dept1,OU=bld1,OU=ntest,OU=Nth,OU=edir,D C=prlnwdev,DC=xxx,DC=xxx,DC=uk</value>

The driver errors on unable to synch attribute, which is as expected,
and I could stop that by stripping off op attributes, but what I need to
do is to convert the DN in the value to the destination DN of the user,
which would be on the lines of cn=barts,ou=dept1,ou=bld1,ou=ntest,
ou=nth,o=xxx. Once I've got that in a variable or something I can do
everything I need, but how to make the conversion. Presumably it means
doing something with the association ref in the input transform policy?

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