We have a vendor that has an app that we bought, - it needs to be
provided eDir authentication via HTTP / web service. I thought that
this would be fairly straightforward to set up, but now my head is
spinning with the options available....
A. - There is the eDirectory DSML / SOAP implementation on 'DSML for
eDirectory (SOAP) - Developer Community'
- this looked like it would work but the tools supplied to set up /
test it are dated, seem deprecated or confused by being old versions.

B. - There is the User App web service that supplies access to workflow
status / operational information. This is not what I need. I just want
to query info about eDir users.

C. The IDM SOAP (SPML / DSML) driver.... Seems like overkill, and to
complex to work - IF I can leverage the SOAP/DSML built into

Any suggestions, recommendations, or success stories with how to
leverage eDir as a simple Authentication web-service.... Seems like
this would be a great area for Novell to focus on to tout the
extensibility, adaptability of our beloved eDirectory.....

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