I recently migrated our Domain Controllers (DC) from Windows 2003 Server
to Windows 2008 Server (32 bit).

We are running the DirXML RemoteLoader 3.5.1 on one DC, and
PasswordSync on the other.

We now receive a popup dialog in the GUI of the RemoteLoader machine
'Interactive services dialog detection'
'A program can't display a message on your desktop.'

The 'Show program details' section of the dialog show the DirXML
Loader, path, date, etc., and state a 'partial incompatibility with

This is likely due to the Trace module wanting to popup the Trace
window (which I don't want anyway) in addition to logging it to the
Trace.log (which it does correctly).

I want trace logging to be enabled, but there is an documented
incompatibility with IDM 3.5.x on Windows 2008 with Trace Logging
enabled. This appears to have been fixed in 3.6.1.

The DirXML RemoteLoader service is running under the 'Local System
account' and DOES have the 'Allow service to interact with desktop' box

Everything is working correctly except for this issue.
Setting 'TraceLevel' = 0, does eliminate the popups, but also
eliminates the logging.

Our master IT organization is currently using IDM 3.5.1.
I have no control/influence on the master IT org and when/if they
migrate to 3.6.x.

Question 1: Is RemoteLoader 3.6.1 a supported configuration on IDM
3.5.1 infrastructure?

Question 2: If this is an unsupported/incompatible/whatever scenario,
is there a workaround to the Trace system popping up a Trace window in
RemoteLoader 3.5.1?

Question 3: If there is no popup suppression workaround, can 2008
Server be made happy with the right application of permissions/rights,
and if so, where?

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