Blow is Version of IDM.

1. consoleOne - 1.3.6f
2. iManager - 2.6.0
3. IDM - 3.5
4. Novell Client - 4.91
5. E-directory - 8.8.1

Working Flow is Blow.
1. Text Driver(Person Driver) read person information from Text file.
text file example)john, 010-1111-1111, USA, Security Department

2. Person Information which read from Text File save to e-directory
(Person Information count is 1600)

3. E-directory send person information to Database Driver which count
is 22.

Problem is blow.
1. There is taking 5min each person to save infomation to Driver.
5min is taking so many time, usually 10second is needed to save
2. I think that If there is taking so many time, Text Driver make
person information
(which now is processing) fail and Text Driver operate other person

Usually There is taking 2hour to save person information to all driver.

but since Text Driver wrong , There is taking 8hours to save person
information to

all driver.

what should i do to solve this?

Have a nice Day.

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