Driver loop when some information insert.
Blow is Version of IDM.

1. consoleOne - 1.3.6f
2. iManager - 2.6.0
3. IDM - 3.5
4. Novell Client - 4.91
5. E-directory - 8.8.1

Working Flow is Blow.
1. Text Driver(Person Driver) read person information from Text file.
text file example)john, 010-1111-1111, USA, Security Department

2. Person Information which read from Text File save to e-directory
(Person Information count is 1600)

3. E-directory send person information to Database Driver which count
is 22.

A specific Field of e-directory is changed from "N" to "Y" when Someone
is retired.
And "Y" field information is sended to Each Database Driver.

Problem is blow.

same information "Y" is saved to same Driver two times.

because There is unnecessary loop which loop two times.

So There is taking 20~60min to process retired people.

what should i do to solve this?

Have a nice Day.

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