Have a quick question. We're running SLES 9 with IDM 3.5.1 and
eDirectory for Linux v8.8 SP1.Our PS Driver is 5.x from last year and
has not changed. Our HR team has just upgraded to a newer version of
PeopleSoft and people tools from v8.X to v9.X. It's complied in jre 1.6
so we know our version of IDM and eDir will need to be upgraded to the
v3.6.1 and eDir v8.8.5 to use the latest psjoa.jar file. Iíve already
tested the psjoa.jar and new schema files which show the normal error
message concerning the versions of Peoplesoft. At this point we donít
have the time to upgrade now, but will plan the upgrade over the next
couple of months.

Our Oracle support tech outlined they have seen this before and stated
try setting the ClassPath in eDir to the pstools.properties file which
has the PS version modified within the file to v8.50. Kinda like
tricking the peoplesoft application. This seems acceptable as the
transaction and schema component interfaces have not changed.

Iíve setup the CITester.class as described in the PS documentation and
all works fine without any error messages pointing to the
pstool.properties file. Iíve started the PS Driver with the jar file and
errors out stating itís unable to fine the properties file.

PSProperties not loaded from file. Couldn't find file:
ERROR: Failed Connection to the PeopleSoft Application Server.
Please make sure you entered your authentication information

PeopleSoft Error/Warning Messages Pending.
Number of Messages: 1
Message 0: PeopleTools release (8.49.14) for web server '' is not
the same as Application Server PeopleTools release (8.50.07). Access

CITester Example;
/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/nds-modules/jre/bin/java -classpath

Question Ė How can I set the classpath for eDir to point to the
pstools.properties file so that when eDir starts up not only does the
jar files load but it also see this properties file?

Any thoughts?

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