Hi guys,

Im configuring an AD driver to handle Exchange accounts. Im hitting a
problem that I could not find a solution yet. My customer deletes the AD
user account but it does not delete his/her Exchange account at the same
moment. There is a routine that runs on the Exchange server that will
delete accounts that are not associated to any AD account for more than
30 days.

I need to do the same thing using the AD driver. First I configured not
to allow the deletion of Exchange accounts, but I get an error when a
delete operation for an AD user account goes to the driver shim on the
server where the remote loader is installed. It says that the deletion
of Exchange accounts are not allowed and it does not delete the AD user

If I configure to allow the deletion of Exchange accounts it will
delete the AD user and the Exchange account. This is not what my
customer needs.

Is there a way to disassociate the AD user account from the Exchange
account? If so I could disassociate it first when a delete operation for
the AD user comes and then delete the AD user account.

Does anyone knows which attribute(s) I would have to change in order to
disassociate the Exchange account from the AD account?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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