Dear All,

We are in the middle of an IDM implementation. The details of the set
up is mentioned below.
IDM 3.6.1, Edir 8.8.5, iManager 2.7. IDM engine is running on SLES 10
Connected system details.
1. Edir driver connecting the vault to production tree
2. MS Exchange 2007 64bit running on Windows 2008 64 bit ( Remote
loader on PDC)
We followed the Novell documentation and created a MAD driver to sync
eDir with AD. User Principal name mapping is following Identoty Vault
Email Address. In iManager we created a custom task to create user with
the required mandatory and optional attributes we needed. During the
user creation we fill in the Internet Email Address attribute in vault,
so that a user is created with the same logon name in AD. If we create a
new user, it synchronizes with Ad without any problems along with
But we are facing two issues.
1. Problem 1:- When we change the password of an existing user (both
in vault and in AD), IDM consider it as a new user and it populates a
new user in Acive Directory. This in turn end up duplicating users in
AD. How can i stop this behavior and make associations with appropriate
IDs corresponding to each other in Vault and AD?. Is there any manual
way to do this?.
2 Problem 2:- I have followed the documentation for provisioning
Exchange mailboxes using IDM. It creates the mail boxes in exchange, but
it is not following the Internet Email Address in Vault. When we create
a user, we mention Internet Email Address in Vault and it creates a same
user in AD.Our email naming convention is as follows "", but the idm driver removes the "."
(period). Where are we going wrong in this configuration?.

I request you all to help me in this situation.
Thanks in Advance,

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