Greetings, here is my issue, hope someone can help.

Had IDM 3.x setup with 1 way sync from eDir to AD on NW 6.5 box.
That box is going away.
Upgrade to IDM 3.6 and create new IDM driver set from scratch on
Windowss 2003 box, everything is local to that box. (DC, eDir, IDM
drivers etc..)

_Problems:_ Existing users passwords will not sync from AD to eDir.
Had hit and miss attempts syncing from eDir to AD, although the primary
goal is to sync from AD to eDir.
What does work: Newly created users succesfully sync in either
direction when created in either AD or eDir, including passwords.

I dont' see any way to attach a file and pasting here puts me over the
max charaters to post.
What trace level is needed to troubleshoot, I may have it to high, it's
currently at 5.

Thank you.

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