Fernando wrote:

> When you load eDirectory, how much memory is it taking by default? You
> have the minimum heap set to 64 MB, so that's what IDM should consume on
> load unless your drivers need more.
> Re-reading your thread, there is a work-around you can use in your case.
> On the delimited text driver, you could work around that memory
> limitation of a single process by using the remote loader. This way the
> delimited text driver would load in its own process and send to the
> engine only a minimal amount of information (of event from the file at a
> time). IDM 3.6.1 Remote Loader also has a place to enter custom heap
> sizes, so you should be able to set RL and the engine to different
> values even though they are in the same box.

Read other answers to ab@novell.com, and you will see that this is not

Toralf Lote