ab@novell.com wrote:

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> I set mine to 800M (on a 32-bit box) and drivers started. Setting the Xmx
> (but not using it) really shouldn't matter unless you are also setting the
> Xms. Does this work in a test environment? Perhaps it is something
> specific to the windows architecture. You may have better luck running
> the Delimited Text shim in a Remote Loader (even on the same box) so that
> it can have its own resources for doing the initial load of the file and
> then sending it across to the engine. Just a thought....
> Good luck.

I definitively think this is specific to the Windows architecture, yes, as
it worked fine on NetWare....

Using the remote loader does not help (I already am using it): I have
tweaked the remote loader heap also, to allow the reading / sending of the
file, but the engine also needs a lot of memory to process the file on

Toralf Lote