geoffc;2012210 Wrote:
> The wizard during config is trying to help out, and is not that
> definitive.
> 1) I would suspect yes, if not, you should open bugs to get it fixed.
> 2) Don't know, have not tried, but please report back as you find out!
> 3) I doubt it, sorry, do not know.
> 4) Doubt it yet.
> What is key, is to get the right JAR that is specific to Oracle 11g to
> use as the JDBC connector inside the IDM JDBC driver. Once that is
> done, you should be good.
> Now you should realize that the default Oracle configuration is meant
> more to handle "Oracle Users". Which is useful if you are using them.
> However, odds are good you are not, and rather have some custom set of
> tables, in which case you are back to a standard JDBC driver that
> happens to be talking to Oracle 11g.
> It is sort of a confusing driver in that respect. So many options,
> but
> usually not that helpful, since everyone does it different in the
> database itself.

Thanks. That's the answer I was hoping to get but given our
environment this was not a risk management was willing to take without
some level of reassurance. There is still some work to be done in our
testing environments before the 11g instance will be complete so I will
try to remember to post any findings once they are available.

In the meantime, you wouldn't happen to have any suggestions on where I
might need to look to find that 11g JAR file would you?

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