I am having an issue with data synchronization in my environment, and I
would like to seek some advice from the forum. I have approximately
20,000 active users that get pushed out from our vault (eDir) to a
service tree (eDir) and Active Directory. There is a good number of
entitlement rules being processed and group memberships being
synchronized in addition to regular user data.

We are a university, and student records get updated a good number of
times throughout the semester. One of the impacts on my environment is
on password changes. When we are processing a large number of student
record updates, password changes get queued with the rest of the data
being processed. It is not uncommon to find a password update to take
considerable amount of time.

I was wondering if it would be ok for me to split the drivers in 2
drivers per system and get one driver to process some core attributes
and password, and the other driver to process everything else. If that
is ok and can help us, what should I take into consideration?


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