Dear All

I have a driver with a pretty simple matching rule where I am looking to
match based on a unique attribute. However I know that the data quality is
poor and that there may be duplicate entries found.

These duplicates have been identified, however the requirement is to disable
rather than delete the duplicates. How can I modify the match rule to say
'if Login Disabled is not true'

The code snippet below will match User ID and Login Disabled set to true,
but I want match UserId and Login Disabled not true

<do-find-matching-object scope="subtree">
<token-global-variable name = "GCVContainer"/>
<arg-match-attr name="UserID"/>
<arg-match-attr name="Login Disabled">
<arg-value type="state">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">true</token-text>

Tnx in advance