I have the SIF V1.5 driver that was working great w/ our SASI SIF system
w/ eDirectory and the SIF driver running locally on a windows 2003

The school system purchased a new SIF system called Genesis. We have
been told by the company that they have customers connecting to it via
the remote loader.

Problem I see is that the SIF driver does not have a 3.61 IDM version.
Does anyone know if I can use a 3.61 remote loader w/ a 3.51 backend

The current 3.51 remote loader I installed on the Windows 2008 R2
server simply sits there waiting for a connection, never seeming to
notice the backend driver hammering away at it, asking for a

Also, does the Windows 2008 R2 server require SSL. This Windows 2008
R2 server is NOT in active directory, it is simply a stand alone server
that has been configured as a SIF zone server for this purpose.

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