I have extended our schema to include sendmail objects and I'm linking them
to users via the loopback driver & several queries. I've got the aliases
linked to the users & groups, but the problem I have now is when I a user
gets termed I want to remove the aliases or remove their entry on an alias
that might have multiple entries. The catch being, I'd need to query &
search multiple attributes on the user as well as reformat the value it's
searching for. For example:

User would have an alias link attribute:

The Exchange alias isn't a problem since it's typically a 1:1 relationship,
but the others could have multiple users tied to it and I only want to
remove the one value for the user who's being termed. The other catch
being, it might have created the link based on uniqueID, CN or mobile phone




Sorry for the long question, but it's hard to give all the facts since this
is a complicated scenario.

Any help is much appreciated!!