I recently started having a problem with creating new accounts in AD.
The accounts will create just fine in my Vault and in our second eDir
tree but when they hit the AD Driver they are generating an error. It
seemed to occur after updating the remote loader because before then we
had no problems creating accounts.

It appears to be related to groups some how. If I remove the
memberships from a user and push them across the driver it will create
them with no errors but put the groups on and it'll generate errors and
never be created. Another note, when I add group memberships to a user
already in AD, they update across all drivers with no problems.

Attached is a log of some of the errors.

Any thoughts or directions for me to look at? Thanks ahead of time for
any help.

|Filename: testusertrace.log |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=4627 |

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