Anyone seen issues where you have sync setup between eDir and AD on the
lastLogonTimestamp (AD) synced to Login Time in eDir?

Using the jadutil: call to convert to FILETIME from CTIME (since that
is how the other bits of the driver do it).

Added some logic to ensure that we are getting the event from the AD
side, and yes, we do get events.

But we seem to be NOT getting all the events, which is odd.

Two DC's, and apparently, this is a funny attr in AD. lastLogin in AD
is server specific and does not sync. But lastLogonTimestamp is
supposed to sync the change, Slow sync, which can wait up to two

If we were getting nothing, that would be one issue. But we are
getting hundreds of events a day, but my feeling is, we should be
getting thousands more likely.

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