Using IDM 3.6.1
Enging running on OES2 sp2 using 3.6.1 AD driver
Remote running Win 2008 using 3.6.1 AD driver
Standard install no custom modifications.
mirror both sides

I can create an OU on the eDir side and it will create it on the AD
side. I then can delete it on the AD side and it will delete it on the
eDir side. So communication is working.
I know that the 2008 AD domain will work because I used the same
install for testing from another tree. Which leads me to believe it
might be aproduction tree issue?

There are no errors thrown but I did find the differance between the OU
and the user is in the trace log I see

DirXML: [07/14/10 13:17:42.85]: ADDriver: Connect using ldap_bind:

but I do not see the bind for the user other than that the parse looks
the same.

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