I could use a little help troubleshooting a Group matching issue on an
eDir to eDir driver (IDM 3.6.1). I have basically replicated my
functioning user matching policy and modified it to match based on CN.
It isn't finding any matches (which it should), then proceeds to my
creation policy (which vetos creates).

My directory struture is as follows:
IDVault.resources.groups (groups directory)
Lab-Metadirectorytree.vc.groups (groups directory)

I have tested by creating a group in the IDVault eDir, then creating a
new group with the same CN in the lab-metadirectorytree eDir. It should
hit the publisher channel in the IDVault (see trace) and match, but it

I am attaching a level 3 trace from the IDVault Driver (with the
matching policy).

|Filename: IDVaultTrace.txt |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=4594 |

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