Has anyone looked at getting the the relationship between Managers and
Directreports working? I have an LDAP driver pointing to a SUN One
server that only has the Manager attribute set. I know I can push this
through to the IDM vault and then onto my AD driver so it can be
referenced via AD (which is currently working). However I am trying to
also update the directreports attribute through this mechanism, any
idea's or has anyone done this? As the manager attribute is a DN I am
assuming I can add the value of the current object as a DN to the
directreports attribute of the DN contained in the manager attribute
(does that make sense?) But then managing when the manager value changes
complicates all. Obviously I'm new to IDM so any help would be greatly
appreciated. Currently using IDM 3.6.1 engine and 3.5.1 drivers

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