So here is a weird problem I can't seem to solve.

I'm using the GroupWise driver to create accounts in a GW 8 system,
pretty basic stuff. IdM 3.6.1 with latest patches. Driver is running
on OES Linux and the GroupWise driver is running on another OES Linux
host using the remote loader (because that driver is 32 bit only). The
driver creates accounts in the primary domain. Now here is the weird
part, all the events occur and GroupWise sends admin messages to the
secondary domain where the post office resides, but the messages get
suck in the wpcsout/ads/2 directory on the receiving domain.

Naturally, I assumed this was a GroupWise problem, but after my
customer worked with support for several weeks and finally got the issue
escalated, the GroupWise support is blaming the IdM driver now. They
said the driver is creating files that GroupWise can't read. I was
somewhat baffled by this since that is a function internal to the
driver. But all the files being created have extensions of .00!, .00#,
and .00$. Apparently, GroupWise can't read those. The support folks
started looking at the driver policies, but I don't see how that can be

Has anyone seen this? I've used the GroupWise driver a lot, and never
seen anything like this. The source domain is on Linux and the
destination is on NetWare, but again, that should not matter.

The only reason I'm posting here is that the GroupWise support has now
thrown it over the wall to IdM support.

I'm pretty baffled! Anyone have any ideas?


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