Its hard to explain but after years the total design of top down in our
structure changed and there is basically a new top.

All users are associated from Server 1 to Server 2

Now moving forward new users will be assoicated from Server 2 to server

My understanding is that the GUID gets appended to the assoication and
it gets the GUID from the server making the initial association.

Older users that are associated from Server 1 to server 2, if you set a
migrate flag on them, the driver will see that there is an assoication
to the user with a guid from server 1 and not server 2 and give you the
user is already assoicated.

This is the correct server and the correct user, there are no dups or
goof in the matching policy.

How can i force this migration to reclean the assoications because if i
hit a migrate on all user with this connector, im effectively going to
break most of the users and if i do it from the other direction, i will
end up with the same problem.

I hope i explained this to an understandable definition

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