I am using loopback driver to change User info after the user is created
in NDS.
I have to do some easy changes, like changing the case and removing
accents from names, so I placed the policies in the subscriber, and did
the changes normally, receiving the add operation and writing to
destination attributes, but until now, I couldnít write back to the
directory. I tried the following scenarios:

1-Using a match policy to find the user
I already learned that I cannot use a match policy in loopback, so this
was only a test. In this scenario, the driver finds the user, merges the
attributes and almost everything works fine, except for the error:
Code(-9024) Unable to read current state of .
This is expected, because of the matching policy.

2-Removing the matching policy
When I remove the matching policy, I got the error:
Code(-9040) <add> operation does not have dest-dn.

3-Manually adding the destination DN with the same value then source
When I add the destination DN, using the rule:
<token-src-dn convert="true"/>

I get the error:
Code(-9010) An exception occurred: novell.jclient.JCException:

So may question is: how can I tell the loopback driver that the object
already exists, and I am just updating some fields?
I am a beginner to IDM, but if I canít update an attribute in loopback,
it wonít be useful for the system.

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