I have a problem with the Passwd Sync Tool in one of our Active
Directory domains (3 Win2003 DCs within the domain).
The DC on which the Remote Loader ran broke, so the local Admin took
the old DC out of order and installed a new one with Remote Loader and
the Passwd Sync Tool. The new DC has got a new name and a new IP

He started PasswdSync Tool and (re)installed the filter on the all DCs
found in the overview window, until every filter was marked with
The next time he started PasswdSync Tool, he got a window that only
showed the properties of filter of the DCs he was currently on and he
did not get that overview window, where you can choose the domain and
afterwards see the status of every DC within the domain.

Does he need to reinstall the whole IDM Remote Loader software to get
this overview window again?

Kind regards,

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