We have a IDM 3.5.1 deployment on OES 2 (64-bit) without SP and eDirectory
8.8 SP2 (32-bit).
Two drivers are in the driverset - one eDirectory to eDirectory
synchronization and a JDBC synchronization.

We now want to upgrade to OES2 SP1. Are the following steps a possible
solution for the migration without breaking any IDM functionality?

- upgrade OES2 to SP1
- upgrade eDirectory to 8.8 SP5
- upgrade IDM 3.5.1 to 3.6.1 (or 3.6.1a - what is the difference?) - no
changes to driver logics

The aim is to upgrade the eDirectory database to 64-bit without loosing
any DirXML associations and functionality.
If we only "change" the runtimes - as described above - will we achieve
our goal?

Will the new IDM engine work with the "old" drivers? On the other side of
the eDir2eDir driver is an IDM engine of version 3.5.1. Are there any
known problems or experiences to this scenario?

best regards

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