Is it possible to have an object associated to two different objects in
the same tree (different ou's)?

To explain, in our Vault we have one container that users are created
in (system A). This then triggers a user create in another tree (system
When the new account in system B is given an Internet Email Address
from Groupwise, I want a second account to be created in the other ou of
system A. (so we can manage one set of objects differently to another).
This would mean system A has one associated object, but system B would
have two associated objects.
I've tried to add a second matching and create policy to build an
object DN, but got missing mandatory attribute errors even though I
specifically passed CN, SN and Object Class.
Of course the eDir driver issue of one side Subscriber being the other
side's Publisher is adding to the complexity!

We have IDM 3.6 and these are eDir to eDir drivers. Any ideas if this
is even possible with eDir to eDir.


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