I see that it is possible to generate a sync event for an object,
however from the examples I can find in this forum it appears that
they're focused on syncing an object that's already been sync'd.

Let me explain the situation and what I'm trying to do:

I have a custom class in the source tree which I'm transforming into a
Group in the destination tree. The source object name is used to derive
a name in the destination, so the object names on each side are not the
I have another custom class which is being transformed into a User.
Here the object names are the same.
I have an input transform that does all my transformation work for the
Group which is working well.

Whenever a User object synchronises I want to check the Group
Memberships and ensure that any groups that don't exist are created. Due
to the differing object naming this isn't all that simple. I don't want
to recreate all the logic in the input transform that's used for the
group creation, I'd rather, from within the User modify/add event,
initiate a sync of the known source 'Group' object and ensure that it
happens before the User object modify/add goes through.

Right now I have it all to the point where I have the tests for the
existance done and the tests for the right sources done. I'm also able
to output the names of all the Groups which must be sync'd from the
source. Bear in mind that Group Membership is a multi-valued attribute
so I must be able to trigger multiple sync events.

So, I need to trigger multiple sync events from unassociated source
objects (but known source DN's), dump the current event and reinitiate
it after the sync events are done.

Can someone help me with the append-xml-element process for that?
(pretty please!)

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