I've got and error in a work order driver.
This error is the first one after a clean driver restart.
It seems that the driver query for pending WO, but doesn't find the
container, isn't it ?
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \IDV-INT\COMP\Services\DrvSet\WorkOrder
Channel: Publisher
Object: (WorkOrder.Services.COMP)
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9010) An exception occurred:
novell.jclient.JCException: nameToID -601 ERR_NO_SUCH_ENTRY

But this container exists, the LDIF export below :
dn: ou=WorkOrder,ou=Services,o=COMP
objectClass: organizationalUnit
objectClass: ndsLoginProperties
objectClass: ndsContainerLoginProperties
objectClass: Top
ou: WorkOrder

There are two objects of class DirXML-WorkOrder (mapped to WorkOrder),
status pending and dueDate set to something in the future.

I've still remove WO objects, then use the normal process to create new
with a loopback driver. I think that the WO object is well formed (see
an LDIF export) :
dn: cn=UDelete-20110101-testGN1
objectClass: DirXML-WorkOrder
objectClass: Top
cn: UDelete-20110101-testGN1 testSN1
DirXML-DueDate: 20110101060000Z
DirXML-nwoContent: \IDV-INT\COMP\Users\testGN1 testSN1
DirXML-nwoDeleteDueDate: 20110103000000Z
DirXML-nwoStatus: pending
DirXML-woType: UDelete

See below a detailed level 5 log.
Thanks for help


[06/16/10 14:56:45.603]:WorkOrder PT:##WorkOrder Pub -----:: doWork
[06/16/10 14:56:45.604]:WorkOrder PT:##WorkOrder Pub -----:: Query for
work orders that are pending and due
[06/16/10 14:56:45.604]:WorkOrder PT:##WorkOrder Pub -----::
queryDueWorkOrders Start
[06/16/10 14:56:45.604]:WorkOrder PT:##WorkOrder Pub -----::
queryDueWorkOrders: Do query.
[06/16/10 14:56:45.601]:WorkOrder PT:Receiving DOM document from
[06/16/10 14:56:45.601]:WorkOrder PT:
<nds dtdversion="3.0">
<product build="20070920_1057" instance="WorkOrder"
version="3.5.1">DirXML WorkOrder Driver (Java)</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<query-ex class-name="WorkOrder" dest-dn="WorkOrder.Services.COMP"
event-id="01" max-result-count="500" scope="subtree">
<search-class class-name="WorkOrder"/>
<search-attr attr-name="Status">
<read-attr attr-name="DueDate"/>
[06/16/10 14:56:45.607]:WorkOrder PT:No input transformation policies.
[06/16/10 14:56:45.608]:WorkOrder PT:Applying schema mapping policies
to input.
[06/16/10 14:56:45.608]:WorkOrder PT:Applying policy:
[06/16/10 14:56:45.608]:WorkOrder PT: Mapping class-name 'WorkOrder'
to 'DirXML-WorkOrder'.
[06/16/10 14:56:45.609]:WorkOrder PT: Mapping class-name 'WorkOrder'
to 'DirXML-WorkOrder'.
[06/16/10 14:56:45.605]:WorkOrder PT: Mapping attr-name 'Status' to
[06/16/10 14:56:45.605]:WorkOrder PT: Mapping attr-name 'DueDate' to
[06/16/10 14:56:45.606]:WorkOrder PT:Resolving association references.
[06/16/10 14:56:45.610]:WorkOrder PT:No event transformation policies.
[06/16/10 14:56:45.611]:WorkOrder PT:Skipping publisher filter on
operation query-ex.
[06/16/10 14:56:45.611]:WorkOrder PT:Publisher processing query-ex for