I've noticed and used a number of times the "Queue Event" function
rather than the Send Driver Command function, this is quite nifty as it
drops a message as if an event occured in the DS, and processes it from
the first steps in the Subscriber. BUT it doesn't give any response,
and works when the driver is stopped (which is good for me for certain
in-house reasons of wanting to queue events into a driver directly while
the driver is shutdown).

Looking through the DxWire doco: 'DxWire'

There is the function constructQueueEvent(String driverDN, byte[]
Which is what I want to use.
I decompiled and recomplied the dirxml.jar DriverCmd sendDriverCommand
into a sendQueueEvent, and attached the class against Bugzilla bug

Anyone else wanting to do this can download the java, compile it and
use DriverCmd.sendQueueEvent method for their own needs.

Hopefully this could get added as part of IDM4, as it would be very
handy to have.
The bug can be found here:

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