Recently we moved our IDM 3.51 engine from a Windows 2003 VM guest to a
3.61 IDM version running on a Windows 2008 R2 VM guest.

The remote loader software was running on our IBM i5. That never
changed. We essentially shut it down on the i5, moved everything over
to the Win2008 R2 VM then started up the i5 remote loader again.

We tested synching and password changes and all is well.

However, we are noticing the i5 remote loader piece is now causing
gradual but consistent rising utilization on that i5 box. If we shut
down the remote loader and restart it, all is well, yet almost
immediately, we see the utilization going up a few percentage points at
a time.

We have restarted the i5, but the behavior is the same. If we watch a
trace of the midrange driver, we see absolutely nothing going on.

We did not change the original cert since it appeared to work and send
passwords from the IDM system to the i5. No changes on the i5 were ever

Anyone got any ideas?

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