I'm setting up an AD Driver to create users already in a eDir tree,
based on their membership of groups.

On the eDir side, all users are in the same context. But on the AD
side, there is a complex structure with sub-structures : A table links
each group with an AD context.
I.Ex :
Col1 : Group1, Col2 : ou=Context1,ou=TopContainer,dc=Domain,dc=com
Col1 : Group2, Col2 :
ou=Context2,ou=SubContainer1,ou=TopContainer,dc=Do main,dc=com

Question : In the Placement rule of the Subscriber : how to have the
driver use "GroupMembership" between the "user to be created" and the
"group in the table" ?

Thanks for any help,

André Tissot
ID Integrated Data SA
Geneva - Switzerland

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