All of a sudden we are unable to start IDM when the JVM heap values are
changed. This used to work before...

Background: We need to set the max heap size to 640M for IDM (we are
putting in 20MB XML files in one of the drivers, and that eats
This has been working fine in the past.

We set both the initial and max heap size to 640M. However, whenever we
restart the Windows server (and eDir), dirxml.dlm does not autoload.
Error from trace:
Drvrs : DirXML JVM interface initialization failed <failed, -297
(0xfffffed7)>, unloading DIRXML

Following this procedure we are able to load IDM just fine though:
Stop the eDir Windows service, rename dirxml.dlm (so it doesn't
autoload when we start eDir), and then start eDir service, rename back
dirxml.dlm, start dirxml.dlm from eDir Console.
Following the trace we can see that the heap sizes we set work fine (no
errors, and the trace show the heap sizes we have set).

So the problem only occurs when eDir autoloads dirxml.dlm....
We have tried specifying the heap sizes in both Windows environment
(the old way), and in the Driver Set Java props, and also tried using
bytes and M.. Same problem.

eDir 8.8.5 sp3 running on 32 bit Windows 2003
IDM 3.6.1 + engineir1
One server in the replica ring.


Tor Harald Lothe

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