I was trying to use clone by xpath to copy, say the modify-attr node,
into a nodeset local variable.

I initialize PAYLOAD variable with XPATH .[false()]

Then I loop through .//@attr-name to look at every attribute node, do a
compare to see if it is a specific Attr-name value. If so, I want to
copy the entire add-attr or modify-attr node into the local variable.

Tried to clone with src of $current-node, dest of $PAYLOAD then I have
trace XML Serialize it to show me what I got.

No joy.

Ok, try Append XML element of nds/input/add (for fun) one at a time to
$PAYLOAD, no joy on the Append XML element, nor on the clone by xpath
into those paths.

I tried a src of:
no joy either.

I know strip by xpath works against variables. Do Append XML Element,
and Clone By XPATH work against variables?

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