This is interesting. IDM 3.6.1a, on SLES 11 64 bit, currently running a
SOAP driver remote loader.

That is all fine. Up and running.

Realized that the easiest way to fix an issue with my SOAP driver is to
run two driver instances. So I went to spin up a second RL instance on
the SLES box.

Copy the configuration, change the command, and listen ports (first
instance is 8001/8092, second is 8002/8093, all are free available ports)

rdxml /etc/opt/novell/dirxml/rdxml/soap-userrl.conf -sp

set the passwords. Then

/etc/init.d/rdxml stop
/etc/init.d/rdxml start

first (current) instance loads, no issues. Second instance fails with
error 0, and trace file shows Loader: Loading JVM

/var/log/messages shows:

rdxml.bin[6120]: Unable to load JVM

So since i have a working JVM here, I am sure it is working.

If you look at the rdxml init script you will see it loads any file
ending in .conf in the directory and tries to load rdxml.bin with it.

From this I assume it means you can run two or more RL instances on
the same box.

I feel like I must be missing something easy and obvious.